Your plan to start a company in Dubai may seem very lucrative, well it is in reality! But it is important for you to get a little bit of insight of the place where you are planning to operate. Forget about your business plans, forget about the achievements that you’ve made in the past. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and lets open our mind to new ideas and possibilities!

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  • Dress Right and Play Nice

Although Dubai is westernizing day by day by still it has some deep islamic roots, so taking care of your dressing sense and keeping a good attitude will serve you well  in the long term fine courtesy with an elegant dress up will be in the long term interest of your business. And oh yeah, a suit and a proper tie is more or less compulsory for every business meeting and local sponsor selection in Dubai.

  • Study the Culture and Immerse yourself in the Traditions

It is very vital that you don’t feel odd in an environment where you plan to expand your business, so it is highly recommended for you to study the traditions yourself! Show genuine interest in the well being of the locals and embrace the culture!

A good way to do that is to learn a few words of arabic, the locals love it when an expat even tries to speak in their language as it indicates your authentic affection towards them.


Dubai is already overpopulated with various boasters all around the world so it becomes important for you to be humble about your achievements and success your way of marketing yourself should be so impactful but subtle that people don’t even realise that you are marketing yourself. Simply throwing advertisements at people’s face will have a bad effect on the reputation of the company.

  • Meet Greet and be Sweet!

You need to make one-to-one conversations with your clients just like a friend as emirates really appreciate courteous behaviour, as word of mouth is the most powerful influencer just about anywhere in the world it is important for you to leverage your personal interactions skills to the next level.

  • Be Realistic

This may sound like a weird tip but believe me it is one of the most important aspect of every business! It is really important for you to be realistic about your goals and dreams in a given span of time. Do not expect magical changes within just first 6 months of start a company in Dubai. Take care of your business like a child feed hit with proper and well sought out strategies. Also it is really important for you to be patient about the goals and dreams you want to achieve backed up by consistent efforts.

  • Keep Learning

If you tend to become too rigid on strategies that you have devised overtime, then you are putting your business at the cliff of the failure, be flexible because all of those “successful” strategies that you’ve made from your experiences under certain circumstances may collapse in some other circumstances. So it is very important to keep a learning attitude if you are planning to grow your business.

  • Do not be Afraid of Making Mistakes

Mistakes and failure are an inevitable element of any business. There exists no single business which has not made those big blunders. Do your research, Do your analysis but have a realization that there are always going to be some external factors which are bound to affect your business. Just as Einstein said “A ship is always safe at the shore but that is not what it is build for!”.

Welcome to Dubai!

Starting a business in Dubai is just like making a cake all of the ingredients must be put in proper amount at the proper time to experience that sweetness. And among all those points, Do not forget the no. 1 objective of any business: Profit!

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