If you are looking for some office space for rent in Dubai, then you might be ready to shed a huge amount of money on rent and other amenities but you know what, looking for co working spaces in Dubai has now become a thing of the past! If you look for office space in Dubai or an office for rent in Dubai, then you might prefer considering a co-working space in Dubai as it has got all that your regular office would have plus it is a complete set of serviced offices in Dubai which provide you with a number of amazing facilities and also a great work environment so that you work with great ease and motivation.



Co-working spaces have been very much popular ever since the startup revolution gained momentum and there had been an outburst of startups. Many of them plan to cut the costs and may not be able to afford the office spaces in the center of the city as the property prices are already high everywhere. Co-working spaces have come to rescue for our startup friends out there as they provide with the most convenient locations and that too with the most appropriate facilities and all the comfort out there which you would require in an office for yourself.

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Co-working spaces have proved to be very much beneficial to the entrepreneurs; startups and freelancers who easily cut costs on the office rentals and get great facilities you ever look for in an office.

Dubai has been a hub for many successful startups lately and there has been a rise in the co-working spaces coming up in the major parts of the city over time. Not just Dubai but Abu Dhabi and Sharjah have also been coming with many co-working spaces lately.

The co-working spaces  In Dubai provide a great ambiance for all those startups and the entrepreneurs who are looking for someplace to do some serious work without incurring the costs of renting an office in some super expensive complex in the city. The co-working spaces even come with the great world-class amenities for the users so that they get that official feel when it comes to working and they don’t get stressed about the facilities. These co-working spaces provide the users with the facility of free Wi-Fi all around and even have ample of working stations and world-class infrastructure and the interiors are amazing too. These co-working spaces in Dubai are fully air-conditioned all throughout to keep you away from the scorching heat of the UAE and yes, some even provide with a separate area to relax and keep your stress off the work hours.

Along with the aforementioned features, the co-working spaces in Dubai even provide you with the Meeting Rooms so that you don’t have to seek somewhere else at the time of some important meeting of yours and have the convenience to do the same right at your co-working space. That saves time and even provides the hell lot of convenience. The co-working spaces in Dubai also provide you with the Event Spaces in case you wish to plan some event for your startup or something like that, you just don’t have to go someplace else. It is right there for you at your own convenience. This is really great about the co-working spaces as they save you a huge amount of money and if you are in the initial stage of your business/ startup, this could be a big plus point as money saved I money earned and all those money that you didn’t just spend on extra amenities you could use for your business and its growth and expansion.

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It is the perfect time to ditch those boring office spaces in Dubai and move into one of these amazing co-working spaces in Dubai that provide you with all the world-class amenities that one wishes to get in an office an that too without any hassles of maintaining an office by yourself.

So here is a list of the best coworking spaces in Dubai that you can use to level up your business and satisfy the employees:



1.The Bureau

The Bureau is far more superior than the perfect place you can imagine for your hardworking employees it has everything that you can imagine and is a perfect blend for the perfect work as well as the leisure environment.

Location: Downtown

Cost: AED 500p/m upwards

2.The Co-working cafe

This cafe is exceptionally unique and cooler than the others as you can see the chefs preparing healthy food for you and you can also relax at the lounge if you feel tired making it one of the unique co-working space in Dubai.

Location: Downtown

Cost: AED 50 p/d to 1500 p/m

3. Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre

One of the biggest benefits of this place is that the employees enjoy the home like experience as it does not feel like an office at all. Situated in silicon oasis this place is the perfect blend of home like leisure with the perfect work environment

Location: Silicon Oasis

Cost: AED 7500 p/a or upwards (Depending upon the package)

4.My Office level-29

If you are looking for a little more of upmarket then this place should be your primary choice as it has the best meeting rooms which you can book for various workshops and important meetings with perfect mahogany chairs which makes it one of the most elegant coworking space in Dubai.

Location: Bay Square and Boulevard Plaza, Marina

Cost: AED 100 p/d

5. The Impact Hub Dubai

Without a shadow of the doubt, this is one of the places which connects the largest communities of entrepreneurs and techies.With all those chairs laid so casually makes you think you are just in a peaceful cafe with the perfect wifi.

The place is also a boot camp for various hackathons, boot camps and various entrepreneurial programs.

Location: Downtown

Cost: AED 99 p/d to AED 1999 a month for full membership.

You can easily get these serviced offices in Dubai or as you would like to call them, the “Co-working Spaces” in Dubai almost everywhere and all the key areas of the city. They are located in the major parts of the city with great transportation connectivity as well as the local amenities. The best about these co-working spaces is that they are not far away from the city and in fact in the middle of the city where you can easily transport. The mobility and access provided by these co-working spaces in Dubai are unmatchable as compared to opening and own office space in Dubai or finding an office space for rent in Dubai.

Startup revolution in Dubai is on peak and seeking office spaces in Dubai can be the nightmare if you don’t have the option of some co-working spaces in Dubai. These co-working spaces have proven to be the best and the most cost-efficient method to find an office space in Dubai.

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