Set up the Company in Freezone of Dubai is really a great thing and it is the luck that we are able to setup Free Zone Company in Dubai area. It also allows foreign national to offer an ownership of the company. So let’s talk about how Freezone Company can be formed in Dubai. There is some basic talk about Dubai Freezone Company formation which is being mentioned below:

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Are you Looking How To Set up In Free Zone Company in Dubai?

As we have planned in Dubai Freezone company formation, the company gets various benefits as well as the company is being supported by the government but only in few cases. The company is opposed to set up limited liability which is mainly set up in partnership with the local partners of Dubai which owns about fifty-one percent of the company. In today’s generation, we can hire some professional companies which can complete all the paper works as well as licenses as well as permits which are necessary for Dubai Free zone company formation. Talking about these professional company which charges a fee for the services they are going to provide but they save our time as well as hassle.

Why Setup Free Zone Company In Dubai?

Talking about free trade zone in Dubai which is being set by government especially for foreign company owners to benefit various opportunities related to the company in Dubai. Apart from that, there is few restriction on Dubai Freezone company formation to protect the local interest, for example, a free trade zone company cannot get a rent in office which is not under the Freezone as well as the company has no right to supply directly to the local market.

There are also few benefits for Dubai Freezone company formation like exemption from commercial taxes, import as well as export duties, taxes on land and license fees on property as well as building. Exemption on restriction especially on the transfer of capital investment in free trade zone.

Talking about the best part of Dubai Freezone company formation is that there is no tax like that of the value-added tax as well as income tax and the owner need not worry about the filling tax returns. In the majority of the case, we find that in some Freezone few companies need not even required to have an audit.


Things to be considered before starting a Freezone Company in Dubai: 

Before Dubai Freezone company formation few things should be kept in mind as mentioned below:

  • Company activity should be defined correctly.
  • Choosing the right type of company which suits us is the first thing to be done.
  • Local guidance, as well as legal advice about various incorporation and registration formalities, should be done.
  • So for expert advice, we can take help from some professional companies which are available for us with the expert solution as well as advice for our new company.
  • Before starting up the company documentation as well as paperwork should be completed so that we don’t have to face any problem in future.


At last but not the least I would like to conclude the topic by saying that if anyone has set his mind in starting up a Freezone company especially in Dubai is just a great idea as the company will be international as well as if set successfully a great turnover can be achieved by the company in a very short period of time.

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