A business is not successful only when there are a lot of funds available to invest, but it takes the lot more than funds to make the Business Startups in Dubai successful and build a brand out of it. There are a lot of business running all over the world, but only a few make it to the journey of brand building. Dubai has always been grateful to encourage new business and startups almost every day. The power and strategy lie in the hand of the founders now. FORBES MIDDLE EAST has also launched the list of the most promising startups in UAE. Here are the best Five startups ruling all over Dubai:


Here Are The Best Five Startups  Ruling All Over The Business startups In Dubai:


Founded by Geet Bhalla and Digvijay Pratap, Holidayme provides shelter to almost 120 employees and is one of the most leading websites of UAE. Holidayme has set up many offices in India as well. Pune, Gurgaon, and Dubai are now under the spell of Holidayme. As they say, great ideas are required to convert the business into a brand, the founders got the idea for introducing travel planning services while sitting in some garage of Dubai. While Bhalla displayed the prowess in financing sector, Pratap handled the web designing and IT sector.


This health and fitness related application are completely different from the cliché ones. Who would have thought of exercising at a new place every day? Targeting the fitness freaks, Avin Shahani founded the app to make sure that people don’t get tired of working out at the same gym or place.


“Deliver anytime and anywhere” this is what the startup is all about. From a box of chocolates to the folders, it helps in the delivery of anything and anywhere. The phone is used as the address. The growth and expansion of this startup are absolutely commendable. The credit goes to the founders Idriss Al Rifai and Joy Ajlouny. It has already raised $11 million and is on its way to expand. The upgradation that is recently done includes the time management of the delivery. Within 45 minutes the delivery is supposed to be done.


Finding the job right after the graduation is a little tough. No matter how talented you are, the efforts required to bridge the gap between the employers and employees is a tough one! Well, Internsme solves the purpose. Founded by Jean Michel Gauthier, Internsme helps the person by creating a video resume and ensuring that the employers across UAE see it. It also helps in the filtration to ensure that one gets the job that he/she is looking for.

The name of the company is so lucid that anybody can make out what is it about. The history of Mona Ataya, founder of Mumzworld is as impressive as the present. The inspiration and motivation to open a company which deals with the products of a mother, baby and child came from the fact that she was once the brand manager for Johnson and Johnson. The aggressive online marketing and reliable customer support, the company is earning revenues in great and big numbers. The target that it aims to achieve by 2018 is also very high.


Work hard and dream big. Paving your way to one of the Business Startups In Dubai is not that difficult or tough. Stay focused and patient. Business Startups In Dubai really flourishes and paybacks in the increased number of notes only if the founder or the owner is willing to take the risks and is not afraid. Instead of fearing from these startups, look up to them and be motivated and inspired to achieve even more. There is a whole wide world that you have to still conquer!

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