Free Zone may refer to a free economic zone, in which companies set up are taxed not at all or very less. Free trade zone is an area where the manufacturing and trading of goods takes place without the intervention of authorities.

In UAE these zones have their own set of rules and regulations and are not under the legislation of authorities having control on business across other parts of the country. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah and Um Al Qwain are some of the cities having the most famous free zones.

These free zones are managed by their respective authorities. For instance, Dubai airport freezone authority DAFZA manages, operates and supervises the Dubai airport freezone.

freezone jobs in Dubai


List of Free zones in Dubai

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ) also known as Dubai Auto Zone
  • Dubai Design District
  • Dubai Healthcare City
  • Dubai International Academic City
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Dubai Knowledge Village
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • International Media Production Zone
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Dubai Production City
  • Dubai World Central (Dubai South)
  • Dubai Studio City

Benefits offered by Free zones.


  • A single individual can open up a company and no sponsor is required meaning 100% ownership.
  • Exemption from taxes.
  • An individual is allowed to own properties.
  • Business confidentiality is maintained.
  • An individual even though may not be a resident of Dubai is allowed to open up a bank account in Dubai.
  • More than one activity are allowed to be done.
  • Can wind up at your discretion.
  • Fair renewal fees.


Dubai being the commercial hub of UAE is one of the most sought after location for anyone opening up a new business and free zones are the best location for you to try your new businesses. Here is a list of the best free zone jobs in Dubai:-

Foreign language teacher

Just a little bit of presence of mind will make you realise the importance of a foreign language teacher in Dubai, as Dubai is one of the richest country in the world a lot of entrepreneurs and major investors are investing in major ventures this however  will pose a strong language between the residents of Dubai and the foreign investors.

As both of the parties need a way to communicate with each other so the importance of a foreign language teacher cannot be overstated.

You can get selected as a language teacher in a renowned school or as a language expert in a major university and if none works you are always free to open a private institute for language and training.

So if you have a spark to educate others by using your language skills then Dubai may be the best place for you to start.

Logistic coordinator

Since a lot of free zones are situated at or near Port locations and Dubai itself is very frequently used trading port logistics are given a high value and there are dearth of opportunities for anyone having knowledge of logistics.

Not only that a lot of international shipping companies are already investing hugely in Dubai, at this point many will think that the market has become saturated and there is no further scope but that is not because there will always be a scope for the logistic service provider in Dubai as many of the major companies are operating in Dubai.

Operations coordinator

People having great management skills and some really good contacts at right places are required for the job of operations coordinator. These people do everything from handling certificate of origin to shipment knowledge and passing the bills and handling custom inspection.

All the paperworks and management subtasks will be controlled by an operations coordinator who will ensure ensure the smooth flow of goods and services. As most of the major clerical are managed by the operations coordinator it will not surprise me if this job’s income will drastically increase in the future.

HR coordinator

With so many people moving in and out of the city and working in the same environment it is imperative that someone keeps a check on the information of all these people and this is where HR comes in. Anyone with a knowledge of bit of excel and skills to develop a great rapport with people stand a great chance to get this job.

With the increase in number of employees it will become crucial to keep an updated record on all of their activities, as this job does not require any special kind of expertise so there is always a scope for an HR coordinator in Dubai.

Client servicing executive

A client service execute acts as a link between the internal staff and the external consumers as it solves their queries and problems by connecting them with each other through phone calls,Emails,Personal messages etc.

Now with the increase in huge customer base as the prime businesses rise in dubai there should be a strong connection between the customers and the business insiders to increase the quality of their consumer services.


With so many office setup in the premises and people visiting these offices in large numbers companies need people who can provide them with all the right information about anything want to know.

If you have a pleasing personality and good communication skills then this may be your dream job in Dubai.


A large flow of cash and money happens everyday in these companies. Hence people having accountancy skills and knowledge of economics are in high demand at anytime.

The future for a well trained and qualified accountant is quite impressive in Dubai as managing all the components of a business is one of the most crucial task an accountant has to perform.


The work of an attendant is to perform all those important tasks which will keep a customer happy as there are a large number of hotels and restaurants are situated in these locations and hence attendants are always required to provide people with services.

At the end I would just like to say that Dubai in itself is a very lucrative place for anyone looking to have a kick-start to his career or want to try his luck at something new. And with free zones being setup around the city the dearth of opportunities is at an all-time high. People having fluency in English and with some great interpersonal skills can make a great career.

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