Interview: Growing a Business Globally with Ravi Chopra

Many of us envision to have a global business but very few are able to achieve the same. But very few of us are able to bring it to reality. Growing a business internationally is not just about hard work but is combination of vision, processes, systems and an amazing team. Lets hear more from the person who did it himself – Mr Ravi Chopra.

Ravi is a serial entrepreneur and primarily runs a Digital Marketing agency named Clicks Bazaar that specializes in Performance marketing. Along with this, he is also an angel investor in multiple startups. He is also the author of a book called – “eTail – The future of Retail”. He has helped over 1000+ business launch and scale online with a positive ROI. Let’s hear more from the man himself.

We came across Mr Ravi Chopra in one of the events in Dubai where he was speaking. We were really impressed by his knowledge and vision and wanted to dig in more. So one of our team members got in touch with him and we were able to convince him for an interview on the blog. So let’s welcome the young and energetic entrepreneur – Mr Ravi Chopra

Ravi – Thank you for having me team Startup Gulf.

#1 Can you introduce yourself to our audience?

Hi, I am Ravi Chopra. I was born in India. I belong to a loving middle class family. I am an avid reader and love to meet inspiring people. Currently I run a Digital Marketing agency – Clicks Bazaar. I also like to help entrepreneurs / startups in whatever way I can.

#2 – Can you tell us at what age did you start working, what is your journey and when did you setup your first company?

I got my first computer when I was 14 years young. Since that day, my interest in computers went on increasing and I went to learn about computer hardware and computer assembling during my summer vacations. It may seem crazy but within a couple of months I actually became very good at it and started to make some money beyond my pocket money assembling computers of my friends. Then by the time I turned 16, I setup my first blog and that was a stepping stone in the world of Online Media.

Slowly my blog started getting tons of traffic. People in my network started noticing that I was doing something different. Online Marketing was a fairly new trend then and they started approaching me to promote their businesses online as well. I was just 18 then and I got overwhelmed by the opportunities. When I got the opportunities, I hopped on and one thing led to another. And by the time I turned 21, I was running a full fledged Digital Marketing Agency.

#3 What are the challenges you faced when you started the company?

Well as I mentioned, I started working with clients by the time I turned 18. Soon we had ample work that I had to hire a full time team. And having no understanding of how a company runs; be it hiring your first team member, delegating work to team, handling team conflicts to appraisal cycles; I ha to learn it all myself. Also I was the youngest team member in my organization. And trust me, its very difficult when the team knows that their boss is younger than them. Trust issues and ego conflicts can come. I had my learning curve of team management, process creation, scaling the team. Overall when I look back, it was a beautiful journey.

#4 What is the biggest challenge you have faced till now?

For entrepreneurs, everyday its a new challenge and I was no different. However one of the biggest challenge I faced came when we were trying to scale. I had no idea on how to scale a company. I was doing global expansion of the company and was visiting a new country every alternate month. The company did not have much processes at that time and due to me not being there, the operations of tasks were hampered which directly impacted the results we were delivering the clients. That’s when I realized the importance of processes, systems and tracking mechanisms in a company. 

“A company is as good as the processes it has”

If you can’t deliver the same quality to every client no matter how you scale, if you cannot maintain the same communication among all team members, same work culture without meeting every team member or client of yours, you cannot scale.

#5 How did you crack the International markets for business?

Being in digital ecosystem, reaching global clients was not that tricky. We started with some freelancing websites however soon we realized that its not going to get us the type of clients we were looking for. That’s when the idea of travelling to the country and setting the market came into my mind. I started lining up meetings and traveled to different countries to meet the people in person. This gave the clients ample confidence to work with us. We started with UAE market. I traveled to UAE multiple times in the last 3 years. This was followed by countries like Malayasia, Singapore, UK and many more. 

Everyone wants quality work in affordable price. India having one of the most talented yet affordable manpower was the first choice of place for them out outsource their work. The only issue was finding a reliable partner. Which we resolved by going there and meeting them in person.

As of now we have Clients from over 8 countries who give regular business to us. And the number is regularly increasing.

#6 What are the services you provide at Clicks Bazaar and what makes you different?

Clicks Bazaar is a full fledged performance marketing agency. We offer end to end digital services and offer them in a way so as to maximize the returns for the clients in terms of branding, leads or eCommerce sales in minimum spend. Here is a small list of services we deliver:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC)
  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • Web Designing / eCommerce Development
  • Mobile App Development

Any service that we offer, the client has just one of the 4 purpose:

  1. Branding
  2. App Install
  3. Leads
  4. eCommerce Sales

As I tell every client of ours. Its not about what we do but how well we do it. On internet there are a certain number of platforms for market and everyone uses the same. The only difference come in who uses them more smartly.

What makes us different?
Its our USP. We are probably the only company in the world we know which says – “If we don’t deliver what we commit, the work is free”.

#7 What is the most important suggestion you have for our readers who want to scale their business globally?

For anyone who wishes to global I would recommend to increase your chances of success. you can do this by preparing yourself better. When I say that, I mean you can take care of the following:

  • Do Lead generation for the product / service you wish to promote before going there.
  • Do the initial rounds of communication
  • Make sure the person you are communicating with gets a good sense of how big / reliable you / your company is.
  • Qualify the lead by making sure that its the kind of client you want to have

Once all the 4 steps are done, repeat the same until you have 10-15 meetings lined up.

Once you have, you can fly over to that country and activate the complete channel. In the current times, one maybe able to achieve the same over a video call as well. However its my personal belief that meeting in person builds a robust and long lasting foundation. You can repeat the above 4 steps and close the clients over a video call also if you can.

#8 Can you offer anything special to our readers?

Yes sure. Only for the readers of Startup Gulf, we can offer a Free Digital Marketing Consultation for your website / business. Yes, it will be absolutely free. No hidden fee. In case you are interested to avail this, just send us an email at and one of our team members will get in touch with you within 24 hours.


Well That was very generous of you Ravi. It was really an insightful interview. We hope it inspires our readers to do even better. If anyone has any questions related to Digital Marketing, growing your business or taking it global feel free to ask it in the comments.

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